Just do it!


Rosy Bishop
Marketing Manager at
SilverGraphics Studios,
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Just do it, they say. Take that leap. Try that food. Make that call. Start that project. Write that blog.

In that spirit, I write the first post for SilverGraphics “Art Matters” blog! I’m just an ordinary mom who loves her kids’ artwork and thinks that art is important. I’ve always displayed my kids’ artwork at home. Frankly, it’s better than store bought. Here are two of my favorites:


Art matters!

  • The arts document history, culture and accumulated wisdom. That’s why I cringe when artifacts are destroyed or pilfered.
  • A language for all people, the arts cut through individual differences. No words necessary when you feel moved by a work of art, a brilliant cellist, a mountain range.
  • Art can bring subjects to life and abstractions to reality. In my former career, as a corporate trainer, I designed models and symbols to represent concepts. This is often what participants most remembered. A picture is worth a thousand words . . .
  • Research shows that art improves academic achievement. And I think its therapeutic benefits are significant. When I was going through a tough time, gardening helped revitalize my spirit. It became a creative expression and joy.

How about you? How do you experience art?

Art to try . . .

Here’s a cool art project and a science lesson to boot!


Go wild and fill 2 cups with water, add blue dye to one cup and yellow dye to the other.  Put an empty cup in between them.  Roll 2 paper towels. Place the end of one towel into the blue dye and one end of the other towel in the yellow dye.  Bend both the towels and put the loose ends into the empty cup and watch the magic happen.  As the coloured water is absorbed in the towel it makes its way up and then into the empty cup.  The blue and yellow food dyes combine making green water.  How cool is that!

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